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We bring the Best for the Best

We are a team of committed professionals who believe that
protecting the environment is equally important as creating
business milestones.

The Group

Reaching the top is just the beginning

Established in 2007, Padmavati Paper & Pulp has always been a company that’s determined & committed to deliver products without compromising on quality. Every single day, we strive to give our clients and the end-customers a delightful experience with our different range of products.

Our paper packaging are widely used in agriculture produce, white goods packaging, automotive packaging, chemical, grocery bags, e-commerce, food industry, exports, heavy industrial packaging, retail, painting & lubrication oil industries.


Committed to preserve nature, forestry & water resources

We at Padmavati strongly believe in conserving our Mother Earth. Giving a strong packaging source by recycling recovered waster paper and are custodians to Forest stewardship being certified by FSC, France, for using raw materials that do not cause any harm to nature and forestry.

We have developed technology that uses only 1/4th of water to make a unit of paper thereby saving million litres of water. We abide by the principle and make minimum use of natural resources and adapt the 3R policy – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. We aim to sustain economic & social growth while ensuring minimal impact on the environment. We believe it’s our responsibility to reduce power & water consumption, so that it helps in controlling pollution levels.

Our commitment to sustainability has contributed to our performance across the business. With every step of expanding business, we have invested significantly to ensure that the impact of our business to the environment is minimal.

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We believe in investing in goodness

We as a company understand our responsibility towards the society and actively look for opportunities to improve our environment and contribute to the well-being of the communities. Padmavati initiates student education programs and has always been active in sponsoring education to the needy students and uplift them to match-up with the fast moving world. We are proud to contribute for the betterment of the societies by associating with various international charitable trusts & NGOs.


Quality has always been our first priority.

We have received quality check certificates that define us as a company that abides by the quality standard that’s required for a paper manufacturing company. Our quality check starts from the very early stage of the papermaking process.